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Day 7 - April 27, 2015

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Today marked our second to last day in the clinic at Las Obras. It is hard to believe that we arrived in Guatemala only six short days ago! Despite our fun and exciting, but slightly exhausting weekend, we all woke up bright and early to begin another full day of PT treatment in the morning at Las Obras and community health efforts at a nearby medical clinic later in the afternoon.

Sabina and Jessica started the day off working in the nursery with children between 10 months and 8 years. They enjoyed treating some of the same patients they had interacted with during the week prior, and were pleasantly surprised to find that a few of the babies seemed to have slightly progressed in a very short time since last being seen. Deidra enjoyed another educational morning working with older adults. Gary began his day working in orthopedics and met up with Joe, Sabina, and Jess in pediatrics. It has been exciting to build on our skills in each of these areas throughout our time here.

During our “break time” at 10/10:30am, we had the opportunity to participate in a group dancing session. It was exciting to see how happy all of the patients were to get to listen to music and dance in a big group. All of the individuals had the biggest smiles on their faces, and we were amazed to see how much the activity motivated them to mueva! During lunch, Jessica had the opportunity to present her Capstone project to the physical therapists and physical therapy students at Las Obras. Her presentation was on “Cardiovascular Health: Assessment and Intervention for Patients with Physical and/or Cognitive Disabilities,” and was well received by the therapists at Las Obras. Jessica did her best to provide the therapists with useful and appropriate assessment tools and intervention ideas that the therapists may be able to incorporate into practice.
Deidra dancing with one of the abuelas.

Group dancing at Las Obras! ¡Muy divertido!

Jessica delivering her Capstone project with the help of a translator to therapists at Las Obras.

After a busy morning at Las Obras, all of the students and the UNC leadership team headed to the nearby town of Pastores where another health fair had been organized for the afternoon. The students did a great job communicating with patients Рin Spanish, I might add Рand offering appropriate advice for nutrition, hand washing, blood pressure, back pain, and baby care. Following an interesting afternoon of interacting with community members who requested advice on a variety of PT-related topics, we returned to Antigua for a little bit of shopping. We rounded out our evening with more touristy photos and a delicious dinner at Café Sky.

The Health Fair location, Clinicas Medicas, in Pastores.

Acting the part of tourists - and realizing that we had "celebrities" in our midst!

We are looking very much forward to our last full day in Antigua, Guatemala tomorrow!

Written By: Jessica Skeeter

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