Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 8 - May 3, 2016

-brought to you by Genevieve and Rob

Wow! I can’t believe that our time in Antigua has come to an end! Today was our last full day in Guatemala and we made the most of it with the therapy staff and residents. Therapy, lunch, y una fiesta de helado (ice cream party)!!!

            This morning began early with a small group of students arriving at Las Obras early to feed the residents and transfer them to their wheelchairs. A little after 8 a.m., most of the group arrived and proceeded to their respected areas. Students were in the pediatric gym, in the pool with pediatric residents, in the young adult area, and in the older adult area. This was our last chance to provide therapy for the residents, and everyone worked hard to provide them with the best care. I know that the pool was filled with smiles, laughter, and hard work as almost 10 residents were in the pool and accompanied by a therapist at one time!

            Lunch was a treat today! At noon, all the therapy staff and UNC DPT students/faculty/residents gathered in the pediatric gym for a wonderful meal! Lunch included delicious chicken, roasted potatoes, guacamole, corn tortillas, and juice. At this time, we were able to thank the therapy staff for welcoming us into Las Obras and for providing a wonderful learning opportunity for all of those that traveled here to Antigua Guatemala. We also were able to ask everyone for feedback regarding the presentations this year and asked for presentation ideas for future trips. The Las Obras Staff and all those from UNC enjoyed this last time together before our departure.

            When lunch was over, we all had about an hour and a half to finish up some shopping or go back to our casa’s for a bit. At precisely 2 p.m., we all gathered together at Las Obras and were privileged to take residents on a little trip to Parque Central for an ice cream party. Each of the students had their own resident to maneuver over the cobblestone to the park. It was quite a feat for a few of the wheelchairs. Once at the park, the residents had the choice of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Most of the resident’s chose chocolate and loved it! Once the ice cream was finished, we played around the fountains in the park. While we were there, a small church group was playing music and singing; at one point, they offered a prayer for all of the residents and the students assisting. The ice cream party ended with trekking back to Las Obras over the cobblestones, taking a quick jaunt inside the church, and then retuning the residents to their rooms.


            It is hard to believe that our time at Las Obras has ended. The respect that we have for all those working at Las Obras is enormous. The resident’s are showered in love daily which was amazing to experience. I know that we have learned so much from this opportunity and that our lives have all been impacted.

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